3 Ways to Foster an Exponential Mindset at Your Organization

3 Ways to Foster an Exponential Mindset at Your Organization

Share Lessons to Make Your Team More Innovative

If you were able to join us for the inaugural SingularityU Canada Summit, you were exposed to a lot of lessons and ideas over two days. Now what? Have you been able to translate exponential thinking to your teams, share your findings, and start creating change? 

Full room of Workshop participants at SingularityU Canada Summit 2017.
A full room at the Workshops at the SingularityU Canada Summit 2017.

It is not always easy to distill the big ideas and transformative practices we covered into your daily goals and work flow. If you are trying to turn information into impact, consider the ideas below. Leverage these tips from our Summit Workshop series to shorten the distance between what you know and what your team knows and make exponential thinking a universal practice in your organization.

1. Start with a learning mindset.

Lisa Kay Solomon recommends that leaders start by asking questions, joining the conversation, and embarking on the journey alongside your team. Avoid sharing a ‘fire hose of information’ that can overwhelm those who are just hearing about exponential technologies for the first time. Instead, try playing a sci-fi film or video game to find an accessible starting point and bridge the concepts through shared experiences. As you share your knowledge, be open to the viewpoints and insights other people have to offer. Share your favourite sessions from the 2017 Summit to spark discussion and empower people to speak their minds. You may find that your team has been thinking about these concepts and ideas more than you knew!

“Leading as a futurist means optimistically imagining bold new futures – and sharing stories to inspire others.”

2. Look outside of your organization.

Working towards a set goal or business plan can make it easy to lose sight of external threats, internal biases, and new approaches. Time and time again, we have observed that innovation comes from the outside of organizations and often outside of industries. Access it by finding a young mentor, exploring uncommon partnerships, visiting innovation hubs, and talking to people from different sectors. It can be as simple as committing to one coffee a month with someone who has a different role, background, or experience than you. Make time for creative discovery and connect with people within and outside of your vertical. Broaden your horizons and you may be surprised by how quick and expansive the results are – for your network and your outlook.

Workshop participants writing during a brainstorm exercise.
Workshop participants play The Thing from the Future to brainstorm creative solutions.

3. Shift perspectives.

Steer the conversation toward opportunities to take a positive lens on disruption. Use The Thing from the Future and other creative exercises to collaborate freely. Remember Larry Keeley’s view on innovation: it is a rigorous science and discipline that anyone can learn. Reframe and reconsider what you can contribute and don’t be intimidated by big changes. Forget the notion that expertise is required to invent and create. Start today and work collaboratively on projects that are not directly related to your organization or team goals. Unlocking new progress can be accomplished by shaking things up in simple, seemingly disparate ways that promote open dialogue.

People completing exercise to imagine new futures and collaborate on ideas.
Participants imagine alternate futures and collaborate on new ideas.

Use learning to unlock exponential thinking on your team.

Learning leads to innovation. Keep the conversation going and ensure every member of your organization is given the chance to explore their interests, define their values, and work toward new solutions. Each organization, team, and individual learns and grows differently. Consistently, though, good things happen when people are encouraged to grow, emboldened to act, and motivated to try and make a positive difference.

How are you driving learning and sharing your exponential mindset?

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