About SingularityU Canada

Who We Are

SingularityU Canada is a not-for-profit organisation committed to inspiring and enabling more Canadians to think BIG, take risks, and drive global impact. We are a grassroots movement of passionate individuals and forward thinking Canadian organisations who came together to catalyse a pan-Canadian community of thinkers and doers. SingularityU Canada was born of uncommon partnerships across communities, governments, and sectors, each of whom wish to have strategic conversations about our collective future and ensure that Canada plays a global role in shaping the way we all live and work.

What We Do

SingularityU Canada designs bespoke programs, curriculums, and events that bring together global experts, cross-industry leaders and curious minds who wish to work together and take meaningful steps towards solving some of the biggest global challenges. We offer organisations a platform for guided exploration and access to a forum that enables members to ask questions and uncover the insights and tools that they need to harness the power of new disruptive innovations that are transforming their organisations, their industries, and their world.

Why We Do It

Our goal is to create an inclusive dialogue and platform that exposes more Canadians to the mindset, skillset, and network Canada needs to remain relevant and resilient.

Why Canada?

We live in a unique point in time. An intersection between capabilities and opportunities. countless technologies are now converging and transforming the way we live and work – yet our organisations, policies, and frameworks remain decades behind. But the stars are beginning to align. In the last couple of years Canada has seen a positive shift. Canadian innovators and entrepreneurs are building incredible companies and massive government investments are being deployed to develop the skills and ecosystems needed to catalyse a world class talent pool – to support Canadian innovators and attract leading global companies.

Canada stands as a beacon to the world. We are proof that multicultural communities, diverse industries, and positive attitudes not only make a country an incredible place to live and work, but also drive economic strength and global impact.

The world needs more Canada and Canada is poised to lead – join us on this journey.