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Overcoming the Impossible

How uncommon partnerships and creative thinking led ‘SU After Dark’ to two wins at the Canadian Event Industry Awards It can never happen! ...But what if it could? This is how the conversation started when we first considered using the abandoned Rossdale Power Plant in Edmonton, Alberta to curate a once in a lifetime event [...]

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Innovator’s Journey with Biotechnology Faculty Julie Legault

FACULTY Q + A Julie, you have had an interesting - and unusual - innovation journey. Tell us, how does someone with an artistic background, with both a B.F.A. and Master of Art degree, end up focusing on DNA technology at MIT? During the first year of my Masters at the MIT Media Lab, I was [...]

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Exponential Topics and Trends in 2019

The SingularityU (SU) Canada community is focused on encouraging people to think BIG, consider what could be, and what their role is in our rapidly changing society.  Looking back on 2019, here are three of the top areas of conversation we had this year, and that we see continuing into 2020 and beyond.  The blockchain revolution [...]

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Cryptocurrency and Philanthropy – Unlocking New Models of Giving

by Krista Pawley, Co-Founder, Head of Reputation and Impact, SingularityU Canada After the shopping blitz on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this Tuesday, December 3, marks Giving Tuesday, the movement dedicated to giving back and supporting charities and non-profits. And while thousands of charities around the world will use this opportunity to encourage donations, only 2 [...]

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SingularityU Canada Chapters: Connecting Canadians from Coast to Coast

SingularityU (SU) Canada Chapters are championed by SU alumni to continue the conversation, through local meet-ups and other informal events. Below, find out everything you need to know about these volunteer-led SU Chapters, and how to join the Canadian, and global, conversation. What are Chapters? SingularityU (SU) Canada events such as Summits, Executive Programs, and [...]

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Top Takeaways from the 2019 SingularityU Global Summit

1. Meta-trends are Transforming our World Create the future. This was the theme of the 2019 Singularity University Global Summit, held on August 19-21 in San Francisco. Singularity University’s (SU) global community of leaders and changemakers gathered for three full days of inspirational talks concerning the future of our world, and the technologies that will [...]

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Mothers in the Workplace = Superheroes

Top Takeaways from the 2019 SingularityU Global Summit Amy Nelson, CEO & Founder of The Riveter, delivered a riveting (pun intended), and inspirational talk on the power that women bring to the workforce, and to the future of work. A mother with four young daughters, Amy previously worked as a corporate litigator on Wall Street before [...]

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AI Can be Used for Good

Top Takeaways from the 2019 SingularityU Global Summit Amir Banifatemi, General Manager at XPRIZE, Cameron Birge, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft and Tess Posner, CEO of AI4ALL, joined moderator Leila Toplic, Lead for Emerging Technologies at NetHope for a panel discussion on day two. Kicking off their discussion of ways we can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) [...]

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Spatial Computing will Transform Smart Cities

Top Takeaways from the 2019 SingularityU Global Summit What will the smart cities of the future look like, and how can they be designed to best serve the needs of their residents?  Jasmin Rohman, Research Lead and Systems Designer at MagicLeap Imagination Propulsion Lab, described the evolution of smart cities, explaining that this journey has been [...]

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