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COVID-19: Challenges, Opportunities and the Road Ahead

As a global community, Singularity University (SU) equips leaders, startups and organizations with the tools, experts and mindsets to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. During these uncertain times, people have questions, and the SU community is here to shed some light.  Harnessing SU's knowledge and leadership in innovative experience delivery, over 30 speakers from the [...]

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The Power of Virtual Communities, in Times of Disconnection

The world is more connected than ever before, and the ease of travel makes the speed at which we connect even easier.  Today, however, travel is being called into question, with the coronavirus (COVID-19) sweeping the globe. Growing concerns have led people, governments and organizations to exercise extreme caution around travel and meetings. This raises [...]

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The Future of Aging with Zayna Khayat

Image Courtesy of the Future of Aging, 2019. Today, the stigma around being old is frequently reinforced, and we tend to think of older adults as passive actors, rather than active participants in the world. This stigma and prejudice informs how we understand, engage with, and design for this group … [...]

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