Why the World’s Smartest Workers are Focused on Lifelong Learning to Enhance their Skillsets

Leading professionals are changing their approach to learning. Faced with an uncertain future of work shaped by rapidly developing technologies, social change, and unprecedented flows of global information and data, learning is no longer reserved to early years or formal classrooms. Lifelong learners are emerging in every industry and in every country. People are recognizing the value and necessity of continuous learning as an iterative, evolving process that can have a positive effect on every aspect of their professional and personal lives.

Shifting your focus toward the future and pushing the boundaries to think bigger and do things differently will enable you to enhance your value in the workforce. Whether you’re seeking your first entry-level position, launching a new venture, or leading an organisation from the C-suite, learning is critical to advance your career and your impact. Continuous learning unlocks new opportunities, perspectives, and possibilities.

“Combining a degree with beneficial elements typically found in college or university programs such as co-op terms, internships and other experiential learning opportunities [is] the ultimate one-two punch, career-wise,” offers Kira Vermond in the article, Formal learning or learning on the job? from The Globe and Mail. Vermond highlights SingularityU as an alternative learning platform that can create a more robust outlook and approach as people navigate uncharted career paths.

Continuous learning and an eyes-wide-open approach offer understanding and insight to leverage the value in different perspectives and advancements.

Attend events, seek mentors, read new genres, disconnect from your routine, and expand your network. To remain resilient in the future, accessing learning opportunities that unite diverse disciplines, processes, and industries is essential. SingularityU Canada programs are designed to provide information and intersections, illuminating the connections between seemingly disparate industries and breaking down the barriers to understanding the world’s most impactful and complex innovations.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest in technological advancements is critical – but the pace of change is rapid. In traditional curriculum, content is out of date by the time it reaches the classroom. At SingularityU, curriculum is redesigned for each event and set before each program based on the latest breakthroughs, emerging trends, and current developments.

Learning directly from the minds shaping these trends is a unique and eye-opening experience. Experts with first-hand knowledge and the vision to create and implement transformational technologies offer a distinct perspective and make ideal instructors and mentors. SU Canada programs are led by inspiring innovators and decision-makers from diverse fields. The experts changing the face of society and transforming industries are being drawn upon for SU Canada Faculty to offer participants direct insight into the forces, processes, and technology behind the buzzwords.

Lifelong learning is a path to stay ahead of the curve. With access to more information and more innovative programs than ever before, people have the opportunity to constantly evolve their learning styles, approaches, and mindset. Thought frameworks and design principles that create a flexible outlook and strategy are key to face change and lead innovation. With the right foundation, you will be able to recognize and act on emerging technologies and industry disruption, while fostering a learning mindset as your default approach to change.

SingularityU Canada offers programs that are designed to provide cutting edge exposure to the thinking and technologies that will enable people to take immediate action and drive impact for themselves, their organisations, and the country.

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