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Our Custom Experiences enable your organization’s leaders to understand the future, identify threats to your business, discover opportunities for innovation, and radically transform how you think, plan, and thrive in this new competitive environment.

SingularityU Canada - Custom Program

Will your business exist in the future?

Many leaders of large enterprises are privately concerned that their organizations cannot navigate the kind of transformation demanded by today’s world. What’s holding these companies back is not their culture or their circumstances, but their mindsets.

We believe that in times of transformation, it’s not just technology that gets outdated. Our thinking does too.

Discover your future mindset

To achieve breakthrough results, you can’t just change what you do. You must first change how you think.

A Custom Experience will help your organization’s leaders catalyze new mindsets, ways of working and ways of thinking by enabling greater trust, connection, and alignment across your organization.


Identify the big ideas

Expose your people and partners to the BIG ideas that are changing the way we live, by providing them with a unique and curated experience of a variety of hand-picked workshops and keynotes.

Custom Experiences - See into the future
Custom Experiences - Identify threats to your business

Uncover critical strategies

Turn exponential trends into winning strategies by learning about the most important breakthroughs happening right now across multiple industries and technologies, and how they impact your business.

Connect to the SingularityU network

Leverage SingularityU as a platform to build relationships and immerse your network in an inspiring environment that challenges the status quo.

Custom Experiences - Discover innovation opportunities
Custom Experiences - Transform your thinking

Transform your thinking

Your view of what the future holds will permanently shift after your exposure to exponential technologies. Instead of fearing the future, you’ll start to see how technology can unlock solutions that will change the world and your future.

SingularityU Canada - Custom Program - Thing From the Future
Thing From the Future
SingularityU Canada - Custom Program - Exponential Ethics Debate
Exponential Ethics Debate
SingularityU Canada - Custom Program - Future Wheel
Future Wheel

Designing your Experience

Our Custom Experiences are specifically designed based on a deep understanding of the kind of impact your organization wants to have.

Our curriculum experts and experience designers create a custom journey that combines learning and play with a well-curated and thoughtful narrative, that meets your strategic priorities and desired outcomes.

Interested in exploring what your custom experience could look like?

Please provide your contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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