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The Spring 2020 Executive Program
Kicks off in

Executive Program

Where the leaders of the future connect

The SingularityU Canada Executive Program (EP) is a four day immersive experience that examines how key converging technologies will shape our future and the leadership challenges and opportunities we’ll face.

The Program fosters strategic conversations about the future with uncommon partners, leveraging the thought leadership of the select group of cross-industry leaders we convene for each session.

Prepare to learn and unlearn, be pushed outside of your comfort zone, and shift your thinking to explore our possible future.

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Executive Program

Program Overview

Day 1

The Program begins with an exploration of what it takes to become an everyday visionary through the power of “unlearning” and embracing different ways of thinking. Examine core frameworks such as the 6Ds of Disruption and blindspot identification to find out what role you, your company, or your industry will play in the future.

Executive Program - Day 2

Day 2

During our second day, we’ll focus on the exponential technologies that are driving our future, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and blockchain. We’ll also explore ethical, governance, and policy considerations about how we apply technology in the future and manage the impacts it may have on society.

Executive Program - Day 3

Day 3

Our third day will centre on the future of work, and the mindset, tools and network you need in order to transform your organization’s approach to the future. Understand what it takes to establish a culture that fosters learning, adaptability, and speed – physically and virtually!

SingularityU Canada - Executive Program - Day 4

Day 4

On our final day together we will reflect on what it means to be exponential and the role that each of us can play in creating the future—not only as individuals and business leaders but also as a cohort. You’ll plan your next steps and identify opportunities for the SU community to help you to achieve your personal and organizational goals.

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Executive Program Participant Testimonials

Some of the world’s experts and thought leaders in AI, robotics and blockchain, and what I’m learning from them is absolutely blowing my mind
Joelle Foster, Executive Director, the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking, University of Calgary (2019 Winter Executive Program)
In our organization, we have been using part of our supply chain as a force for good, but I think we can do so much more and leverage that…for me, it’s really about leadership and having the courage to do that.
Tim Coldwell, President, Chandos Construction Ltd. (2019 Fall Executive Program)

I’m going to bring back these additional perspectives and ideas to make our innovation and transformation even better.

Shekhar Gothi, CD, MBA, Canadian Special Operations Command Innovation Officer Southern Ontario/GTA (2019 Winter Executive Program)
One thing that has always bothered me about big data and technology talks is the lack of connection to our humanity and human impact, and I appreciate that all the speakers [at the Program] have woven in the human impact and connection part that is critical to what we do, and not losing sight of that.
Ruth Todd, Regional Managing Partner, East, KPMG (2019 Fall Executive Program)
I wanted to spend a few days learning about the future, and I am walking away with a stronger toolkit and a call to action to be an active participant in making it happen.
Bruce Mitchell, CIO, Wealth & Insurance, TD Bank (2019 Fall Executive Program)
I realized that the [speakers] are actually living in the future, not just thinking about it. I made a conscious decision to shift my mindset to start trying to think like that and push myself beyond my current incremental thinking.
Kaushik “KV” Venkatadri, Sr. Director, Blockchain Center of Excellence, Royal Bank of Canada (2019 Fall Executive Program)
Came into it looking for my mind to be blown, and mission accomplished.
Yung Wu, CEO, Mars (2018 Spring Executive Program)

Meet other changemakers

This intensive program has been designed for senior leaders in business, government, and nonprofits, as well as scientists, educators, and other leaders who want to shape Canada’s future.

It is designed for top leaders across Canada who bring unique perspectives and share a common goal: to learn, be inspired, and debate big ideas about the future.

SingularityU Canada - Executive Program - Meet other changemakers
Access our ground-breaking curriculum

Access our ground-breaking curriculum

A brand new program has been developed over the past year, designed to connect leadership teams with each other around thought-provoking content that is uniquely Canadian. Be exposed to the emerging trends and breakthroughs of exponential technology, alongside the latest frameworks and transformation tools that will help you challenge the status-quo.

Gain a new perspective

You can’t plan for a future that you can’t imagine. Reset your forecast of what’s possible and embrace a new skill set, tool set, and mindset that can inspire your team and empower your organization to adapt and evolve alongside uncommon partners.

SingularityU Canada - Executive Program - Gain a new perspective

Exponential technologies are building the future today

Join the SingularityU Canada Executive Program to explore how accelerating technologies are impacting your business and to meet change with resilience and success. Be part of the first Canadian cohort to discover how you can take advantage of these huge opportunities to benefit yourself, your organization, and society as a whole.

SingularityU Canada Executive Program
Banff, Alberta
May 11th – 14th, 2020

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Fall Executive Program information to be announced soon.

Executive Program

Exploring the next wave of program topics

SingularityU Canada Executive Program - Exponential Technology

Exponential Technologies

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Digital Biology & Biotech The Future of Medicine Nanotech & Digital Manufacturing Networks & Computing Systems Blockchain & Digital Currencies

Executive Program - Transformational Practices

Transformational Practices

Design for Exponentials Entrepreneurship Exponential Organizations Forecasting & Future Studies Organizational Innovation Policy, Law & Ethics Synthesis & Convergence

SingularityU Canada Executive Program - Global Challenges & Opportunities

Global Challenges & Opportunities

Learning Prosperity Citizenship Security Energy Environment Food Disaster Resilience Global Health Space Shelter Water

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