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We are driven by a group of passionate and impact-focused members from different sectors and across Canada. Members are committed to embracing uncommon partnerships and an abundant mindset to actively work together and inspire more Canadians to think BIG, take risks, and drive global impact.

Why should you become a member?

We’re your partner for future exploration, here to help you keep pace with the rate of change. Member organizations become part of the global Singularity University network, tapping into new insights on a continuous learning journey. Our members are market leaders who prioritize leadership development, understand the importance of future-focused strategy, and are part of an ecosystem that is inspiring change.

SingularityU Canada Membership Overview

Members of SingularityU Canada:

  • Define impact goals: We start with a deep understanding of members’ priorities and goals and tailor your membership experience to achieve them.

  • Create meaningful engagement: Determine the level of engagement your organization needs to excel strategically in the weeks, months, and years to come.
  • Curate a mix of programs: Hand-picked workshops, co-designed custom programs, and inspiring keynotes from Singularity University faculty are all available to members. We’ll help you determine the right mix to inspire your teams and reach your objectives.

  • Enhance leadership development: Expose your team to the next wave of transformative technology and equip them with the mindset and frameworks they need to evolve and grow.

  • Take a long-term view of strategy: Discover how to identify and harness the power of exponential trends, turning them into winning strategies your organization can action.
  • Join a Canadian and global ecosystem of leaders: Leverage our network to build relationships and expand your network’s impact with exclusive member access to special projects, Summits, speaker series, Advisory Board input, and future collaborations.

SingularityU Canada - Executive Program

The Membership Fit

Whether you’re leading a large company, a university, a global nonprofit, or a governmental organization, our proven tools, methods, and frameworks—along with our world-renowned faculty—can help propel your organization and our country forward. From quick engagements to more in-depth and long-term support, we tailor our offerings to accommodate any situation.

Our Design Principles

Annual Membership

Investment in an Annual Membership allows you to benefit from tailored engagement based on your organization’s strategy and vision. Members commit to a minimum investment and select the set of programs and activities that aligns with their needs.

75:25 ratio of giving back

To improve the future of Canada for all Canadians, it is crucial to bring new voices into the conversation. At our inaugural Summit, Founding Members allocated 25% of their tickets to entrepreneurs, students, and others who might otherwise be unable to invest in the SingularityU experience. With every initiative, we will maintain this commitment to give back and expose as many Canadians as possible to an exponential mindset.

Learning programs and activities beyond events

We invite perspectives and involvement from all interested parties and bring attention to challenges and opportunities that affect our common future. In order to share a unique Canadian perspective, we create distinct learning and collaboration opportunities that extend beyond the stage to enable interaction, cross-pollination, and innovation.

A local and global faculty of experts and thinkers

Recognizing the incredible talent and innovation happening at home and abroad, SingularityU Canada faculty are world-class, local, and global experts. Bringing together these leaders enables us to take a ‘big picture’ look at today’s big challenges, and harness the latest frameworks and transformation tools.

Pan-Canadian and multi-industry

To drive real and lasting impact, it is essential to gain input and drive action from those across the country. We engage with communities from coast-to-coast-to coast to foster unexpected collaborations between and within sectors, including startups, academic institutions, and government.

What does it take to join as a member?

Our members commit to make long-term and proactive choices that can lead to a more positive and productive future for their organizations, Canada, and the world.

SingularityU Canada - Become a Member
Annual Members are active participants with strong interest in addressing challenges that are effecting their operations and Canada at large. As an annual member you will gain access to discounted programs and provide your organization with a deeper comprehension of exponential technologies and how to apply them.

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