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We are driven by a group of passionate and impact-focused members from different sectors and across Canada who are committed to embracing uncommon partnerships and an abundant mindset to actively work together and inspire more Canadians to think BIG, take risks, and drive global impact.

The way we live and work is changing so fast you can’t afford to stop learning about the future.

Become a Member

SingularityU Canada is a platform designed to transform learning from an activity we do early in life into a lifelong journey. It is a way to shape our collective future by changing mindsets and enabling others to look at the world through a new lens while thinking BIGGER about what’s possible!

Our model is based on a annual membership and we see our members as co-creators in this journey.

Why should you become a member?

By becoming a member your organization will be part of a unique group of outstanding Canadian organizations who wish to contribute and thrive in a prosperous society. Our members are innovators, market shapers, and leaders who are excited about the future and wish to work together to make it better.

SingularityU Canada Membership Deck

Members of SingularityU Canada will be able to:

  • Turn exponential trends into winning strategies by learning about what is already possible first-hand from a curated group of the world’s top experts who are at the forefront of changing the way we live and work.
  • Partner with “uncommon partners” who share your passion to shape the future of Canada but bring different insights and perspectives to the table.
  • Leverage the global and diverse network of Singularity University to learn important lessons from the successes and failures of organizations in other countries and understand the breakthroughs happening across industries. Get a handle on disruption from outside of your traditional competitive set and prepare yourself and your organization to be resilient to change.
  • Access proven tools and frameworks to get you ready for the future. Using a holistic system of learning, you’ll be taught to imagine, create, capture, and scale hidden value in an increasingly complex and dynamic world.
  • Signal to your employees, your clients, and the market that you are able to see past the day-to-day and have a long term commitment to shape our collective future.

Whether you’re leading a large company, a university, a global nonprofit, or a governmental organization, our proven tools, methods, and frameworks—along with our world-renowned faculty—can help propel your organization and our country forward. We tailor our offerings to accommodate any situation, ranging from quick engagements to more in-depth, long-term support.

What does it take to join as a member?

Our members commit to make long-term and proactive choices that can lead to a more positive and productive future for their organizations, Canada, and the world.

Annual Members

Annual Members are active participants with strong interest in addressing challenges that are effecting their operations and Canada at large. As an annual member you will gain access to discounted programs and provide your organization with a deeper comprehension of exponential technologies and how to apply them.

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Community Members

Community Members play a critical role in bridging the conversation with young leaders and unexpected innovators to create a more diverse and representative community. Community Members ensure their students, members, and local ecosystem are in touch with the Canadian conversation and connected to advances and opportunities across industries.

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Our Design Principles

Yearly Membership

Yearly membership investment allows you to benefit from tailored engagement based on your organization’s strategy and vision. Members commit to a minimum investment and select the set of programs and activities that aligns most closely with their needs.

Maintaining our 75:25 ratio of give back commitment

To improve the future of Canada for every Canadian, it is crucial to bring new voices into the fold. At our inaugural Summit, Founding Members allocated 25% of their tickets to entrepreneurs, students, and others who might otherwise be unable to invest in the SingularityU experience. With every initiative, we will maintain this commitment to give back and expose as many Canadians as possible to an exponential mindset.

Diverse (internal and external) learning programs and activities beyond events

We invite perspectives and involvement from all interested parties and bring attention to challenges and opportunities that affect our shared future. In order to share a unique Canadian perspective, we create distinct learning and collaboration opportunities that extend beyond the stage for interaction, cross-pollination, and innovation.

Combining local and global faculty of experts and thinkers

Recognizing the incredible talent and innovation happening at home, we strive to create a dynamic faculty that provides greater access to world-class, local, and global experts. Bringing together Canadian experts and international leaders who can share knowledge and inspiration enables us to take a ‘big picture’ look at today’s big challenges.

Pan-Canadian and multi-industry

To drive real and lasting impact, we need input and action across the country and collaboration between and within sectors. We engage with communities from coast-to-coast-to-coast to make room for real debate with alternative views and catalyse unexpected collaborations between corporations, startups, academic institutions, and government.