Top Takeaways from the 2019 SingularityU Global Summit

Amy Nelson, CEO & Founder of The Riveter, delivered a riveting (pun intended), and inspirational talk on the power that women bring to the workforce, and to the future of work. A mother with four young daughters, Amy previously worked as a corporate litigator on Wall Street before founding The Riveter, a modern day union for working women that offers content, community and coworking spaces in various cities across the United States. 

Amy highlighted some poignant statistics: women with children are 79 per cent less likely to be hired than those without children. Women with children are also 100 per cent less likely to be promoted than those without children. 

Amy Nelson

The solution, she said, it to provide mandated maternity and paternity leave, lean into the new way of work (providing employees with flexibility), and unbundle jobs to capture the skills and expertise of those who crave autonomy. Because, she noted, the wage gap is “not just a women’s issue, it’s an everyone issue.” 

“We know that 43 per cent of mothers with college degrees still leave the workforce after they have kids. If you could solve that problem, you would change the American GDP. And I think that’s something worth solving for.” – Amy Nelson 


Amy encouraged us all to tap into the superpower that is motherhood in the workplace. “There are some things that technology can’t fix for us, and won’t be able to,” she said. “No algorithm can fix bias in the American workplace, it’s rooted too deeply. So it’s truly up to you and up to me to do this work, do it together and do it for everyone.”