How uncommon partnerships and creative thinking led ‘SU After Dark’ to two wins at the Canadian Event Industry Awards

It can never happen! …But what if it could?

This is how the conversation started when we first considered using the abandoned Rossdale Power Plant in Edmonton, Alberta to curate a once in a lifetime event celebrating innovation and culture in Edmonton.

The team at EPCOR and the city of Edmonton wanted to finish day one of the 2019 SingularityU Canada Summit, with something that would inspire Edmontonians to look at their city – its built heritage, its people, and its community – as a source of innovation and inspiration. Together with our partners at E=mc2 events we asked ourselves – how might we design a truly meaningful and transformative experience that is more than just an event – but rather a symbol and pivotal shared moment for Edmonton?

SU After Dark

SU After Dark transformed the Rossdale Power Plant, a decommissioned 120 year-old electrical facility, that had been abandoned for almost two decades, into a jaw-dropping evening for over 1,100 attendees. The historic power plant had significant challenges to consider before even opening the doors for the reception. Offering no feasible infrastructure or accessibility for the public or production, it was missing essential facilities such as heat, water and restrooms, and had many visible hazards. There were also significant community considerations to navigate – the land was shared by multiple levels of government and first nations, and had a history of challenges around use.

In the face of all of these daunting impossibilities, our team was determined to ‘practice what we preach’ to imagine what the future of this event could look like, and push through to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime night for summit attendees. The result was an incredible experience that connected the community, featured local artists and suppliers, and highlighted Edmonton’s past and future.

The unforgettable evening left the city awe-inspired, and quickly gained buzz and recognition as a groundbreaking event for both Edmonton, and the country. Our team was absolutely thrilled to hear the SU After Dark reception was acknowledged by the Canadian Event Industry Awards earlier this month for two awards: Outstanding Logistical Achievement and Best Technical Support for an Event.

SU After Dark

A creative ‘yes-and’ approach is the driving force behind all SingularityU Canada experiences, striving to design truly meaningful events regardless of any limitations at play. We pride ourselves on overcoming the impossible, creating strong uncommon partnerships, and dismissing the status quo. The success and national recognition of SU After Dark is a testament to what we always strive to achieve!

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