After launching in Toronto last year, the SingularityU Canada Summit is heading west.

The well-known global conference is moving to Edmonton for 2019, taking place on April 23 and 24. The two days will feature keynote discussions, workshops and breakout discussions, bringing in some of Canada’s top minds in the innovation and technology world. Just like the first year, next year’s edition will focus on emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, biotechnology and digital medicine.

“With the inaugural SingularityU Canada summit last year, we saw the true strength of the Canadian tech and innovation community,” said Oren Berkovich, president and CEO of SingularityU Canada. “In choosing to come to Alberta, we are expanding the conversation and the community, to share the best of Canadian and international technology, and to highlight the leaders, creators, and innovators who are shaping Alberta, Canada, and the world.”

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By Max Greenwood