Krista Pawley

Krista Pawley

Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Impact, SingularityU Canada

About Krista

Systems change. The rapid expansion of technology. Digital ID for everyone. Governance models in the digital age. Building an inclusive digital economy. Krista Pawley convenes the conversations that matter for communities across Canada and around the world.

A reputation professional with more than 20 years of experience and a background that has taken her across sectors, industries, and timezones, Krista Pawley brings together diverse stakeholders in conversation and collaboration toward a better future.

Krista has worked with global organisations including the Government of Canada, Scotiabank, The MasterCard Foundation, and Aimia, among others. Now she designs experiences and reputation strategies for leaders working at the intersection of innovation and impact to understand, prepare, and shape a more sustainable future.

Krista brings an informed perspective to every project she approaches, building and leading teams to support cross-sector communities interested in making an impact.