Fair Ventures


FairVentures is comprised of three inter-dependent pieces that make Fairfax’s unique approach to innovation thrive.

  1. A core operating unit of professionals based in Toronto, ON, who work with the other constituent parts of FairVentures to evaluate investment and engagement opportunities.
  2. A standalone, fully-staffed innovation lab at the Communitech Hub in Kitchener, ON that is run with an entrepreneurial spirit by a team of programmers, data science and project management personnel and product owners.
  3. The Innovation Working Group, which boasts representation from more than a dozen Fairfax companies on five continents worldwide, and whose members vet innovative ideas that make Fairfax’s day-to-day operations more effective, vital and profitable.

Globally, Fairfax companies have operations in property and casualty insurance and reinsurance, investment management, technology, media, retail, restaurants and travel.  FairVentures’ three-part approach provides capacity to accelerate innovation efforts across all of these platforms.

FairVentures aspires to work with quality individuals who are developing disruptive technologies and products.