As Canada’s leading integrated energy company, Suncor knows that, together with their stakeholders, they need to look beyond the energy needs of today and understand what is required for the future.

Suncor is bringing people together to tackle some of today’s toughest challenges to build a better future.

Suncor is a long-time supporter of seeking out new technology and solutions. Their early investments in technology helped unlock the potential of the oil sands by improving reliability and performance, expanding productivity and driving down costs while reducing the environmental footprint.

Today, new technology and innovative thinking remain fundamental to how Suncor does business. They invest in incremental and game-changing technologies and pursue operational efficiencies.  For example, they are making advances in technology through collaborations like COSIA and exploring how advancements in digital technology, like artificial intelligence, could positively impact business. They also monitor technologies being developed by external parties to determine if, and when, an investment makes sense to advance the technology or adapt it for their business.

“Singularity is a provocative look at the world’s most disruptive technologies that could shape the future. It provides the impetus to think differently and to realize that we can better predict and prepare for transformative change.”