Student Innovation Centre – Edmonton Satellite Event


April 23-24, 2019

Student Innovation Centre,
1227 Saskatchewan Drive – Faculty of Science
Edmonton, AB

8:00am – 6:00pm

University of Alberta - Faculty of Science

The Student Innovation Centre is a collaborative workspace in the Faculty of Science at the University of Alberta that serves as a basecamp for students exploring the journey from idea concept to creation. The centre supports extracurricular projects by connecting students to state-of-the-art technology and expertise, catalyzing multidisciplinary collaboration to build a playful, creative, and welcoming community of student innovators.

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Professor Mahdi Tavakoli

Professor Mahdi Tavakoli

Mahdi Tavakoli is a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada. He received his BSc and MSc degrees in Electrical Engineering from Ferdowsi University and K.N. Toosi University, Iran, in 1996 and 1999, respectively. He received his PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, in 2005. In 2006, he was a post-doctoral researcher at Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advanced Robotics (CSTAR), Canada. In 2007-2008, he was an NSERC Post-Doctoral Fellow at Harvard University, USA. Dr. Tavakoli’s research interests broadly involve the areas of robotics and systems control. Specifically, his research focuses on haptics and teleoperation control, medical robotics, and image-guided surgery.

Dr. Tavakoli is the lead author of Haptics for Teleoperated Surgical Robotic Systems (World Scientific,2008). He is an Associate Editor for IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, Journal of Medical Robotics Research, Control Engineering Practice, and Mechatronics.

Dr. Eleni Stoulia

Dr. Eleni Stoulia

Dr. Eleni Stroulia is a Professor in the Department of Computing Science, at the University of Alberta. From 2011-2016, she held the NSERC/AITF Industrial Research Chair on Service Systems Management, with IBM. Her research focuses on addressing industry-driven problems, adopting AI and machine-learning methods to improve or automate tasks. Her flagship project in the area of health care is the Smart Condo in which she investigates the use of technology to support people with chronic conditions live independently longer and to educate health-science students to provide better care for these clients. In 2011, the Smart-Condo team received the UofA Teaching Unit Award. She has played leadership roles in the GRAND and AGE-WELL NCEs, the SAVI Strategic Network, and the DITA CREATE Network. She has supervised more than 50 graduate students who have gone to pursue careers in Academia and Fortune 500 companies. In 2018 she received a McCalla professorship.

Dr. Jonathan Veinot

Dr. Jonathan Veinot

Dr. Jonathan (Jon) Veinot joined the Department of Chemistry at the University of Alberta being promoted to Associate Professor in 2008 and Professor in 2012. While his research team has explored such topics as super-hydrophobic/self-cleaning surfaces, metal oxide nanomaterials and polymers for organic electronic devices, their primary focus lies in the development of Group 14 (i.e., Si and Ge) nanomaterials (e.g., quantum dots, nanosheets, etc.) and their applications (e.g., bio/medical imaging, batteries, display technologies, solar cells, etc.). For his efforts he was awarded the 2017 Award for Excellence in Materials Chemistry from the Chemical Society of Canada (Materials Chemistry Division) and the 2016 DIACHEM Award from the Burghausen Chemical Industry and City of Burghausen, Bavaria. Jon has also built strong professional and personal ties with colleagues in Germany, particularly at the Technical University of Munich where he was a visiting research professor in 2012 with Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rieger and is now a TUM Research Ambassador. He established and is the Canadian Director of the “Alberta-Technical University of Munich International Graduate for Hybrid Functional Materials (ATUMS)” that is supported by the NSERC CREATE and DFG IRTG programs as well as Alberta Innovates. He is also President/co- Founder/CTO of Applied Quantum Materials Inc.; a new start-up venture that aims to commercialize intellectual property developed in his academic labs and provides employment opportunities for highly qualified personnel from the University of Alberta and surrounding academic institutions.

Community Partners

Elko Engineering Garage

Expected to be open to students in January 2019 and located on level 2 of the Engineering Teaching and Learning Centre (ETLC), the “Engineering Garage” will provide a 6,000 sq. ft. makerspace for student projects. It will consist of two student work spaces: one “clean” with equipment like 3D printers at the front end and the other “dirty” with industrial tools and equipment at the back.

The Shack

At The Shack, our goal is to use bring interdisciplinary undergraduate students into our open-access facility to pursue projects that would not be possible elsewhere. Access to cutting-edge design and manufacturing technologies means that students can leverage their university education and their creative skills to bring their ideas to life. Many of our existing projects span many scientific fields, allowing opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration. The Shack is also working to provide opportunities to involve the greater University of Alberta community, as well as public outreach initiatives.

The Pod

We are Alumni and Faculty who are passionate about students and new graduates. Our Vision: Provide educational opportunities and professional development for students outside of their normal course of study. The aim is to foster rich opportunities in the spirit of entrepreneurial initiatives through testing, prototyping, mentorship, workshops, partnerships, and access to equipment for testing, evaluating and realizing design concepts.

eGRAD (Graduate Student Entrepreneurs Association) is a student group based out of eHUB, open to all graduate students at the University of Alberta. eGRAD aims to promote the spirit of innovation & entrepreneurship, facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration, and help students pursue their entrepreneurial drive.


eHUB is the University of Alberta’s entrepreneurship centre. Offering resources, networking opportunities, and funding, eHUB offers members the unique opportunity to explore ideas that will transform into projects, initiatives and ventures. Once a student or student-team formally joins eHUB, they gain access to a vibrant entrepreneurial community at the University of Alberta. The space, located at 9007 HUB Mall, is ideal for prospective entrepreneurs to work, collaborate, and connect with others.

Take Part of the SingularityU Canada Summit All Across The Country

The Summit will bring together Canadians and communities across the country for a pan-Canadian exploration of our future. Experience the summit close to home by attending one of the Satellite or Livestreams taking place across Canada.

Reaching broader audiences is a priority for SingularityU Canada. 6,000 changemakers from coast-to-coast-to-coast will be tuning in to join the conversation at a local level to discuss exponential technologies, and how our future will be impacted. Live feeds to the main stage in Edmonton will be coupled with debates, group discussions, and panels to enable students, entrepreneurs and other changemakers to experience the power of exponential thinking.

About The Summit

The 2019 SingularityU Canada Summit is devoted to reinforcing Canada’s global role as a key technological innovator. Gain a deeper understanding of how exponential technology will benefit nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Listen to and participate in expert panel presentations and open discussions. Work and play with product demos that let you experience the future today. Meet like-minded forward-thinkers and join a growing network of thought leaders, trailblazing practitioners, and impact startups.

Join leaders from across Canada and around the world at the SingularityU Canada Summit in Edmonton and learn how to combine exponential technology and leadership for 10x impact in your business, your community, and the world.

The Summit is a forum for debate and uncommon conversations about how technologies like artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and digital medicine will impact the way we live and work.

Grand Challenges

Based on the foundations set by SingularityU, at SingularityU Canada Summit we believe that the convergence of exponential technologies will set us on the path to solve our global grand challenges. There are twelve global grand challenges – at the SingularityU Canada Summit, we will be focusing on Health, Energy, Prosperity, and Citizenship.


“Creating abundance is not about creating a life of luxury for everybody on this planet; it’s about creating a life of possibility.”

— Peter Diamandis
Co-founder, Singularity University

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