Cross-Canada Clusters Identified as Economic Drivers

The federal government has announced the winners to its Innovation Supercluster Initiative. The winners are groups of high-performing public and private sector stakeholders and specialised teams from diverse industries who are collaborating to drive change and advance technology in key areas. Winning clusters get access to a piece of $950 million in committed funding and must match the amount they receive.

Canada is renewing its focus on innovation, research, and development, demonstrating that the country has an important voice and perspective on global issues.

With this collaborative push to succeed in identified focus areas, and emphasis on economic stimulation, Canada is well-positioned to be recognized for its role worldwide as a global leader in scientific breakthroughs, sustainability, and innovative development models.

5 Winning Innovation Superclusters to Advance Exponential Technologies and Global Grand Challenges

Five winning clusters were selected, and reflect the breadth and dynamism of Canada’s culture, talent, and economic landscape. They have very different focus areas but all contribute to solidifying Canada’s leadership position.

We put together a brief overview of the five winning Innovation Superclusters below, highlighting the exponential technologies they leverage, as well as additional resources to help you understand more about these key technological drivers and forces of change.

The Scale AI Supercluster

Location: Quebec
Focus Area: Building intelligent supply chains.
Technology: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics
Dive Deeper:
Watch “Should Robots Have Rights?” with Suzanne Gildert
Read Brain-Like Chips Now Beat the Human Brain in Speed and Efficiency

The Ocean Supercluster

Location: Atlantic Canada
Focus Area: Increase competitiveness for Canada’s ocean-based industries.
Technology: Clean Energy
Dive Deeper:
Watch Investing in Our Cleantech Future with Tom Rand
Read “The Clock’s Ticking on Climate Change, and It’s Time to Get Real About Tackling It”

The Digital Technology Supercluster

Location: British Columbia
Focus Area: Drive innovation in critical sectors like forestry, manufacturing, and health care.
Technology: Big Data, Digital Platforms
Dive Deeper:
Watch “The Future of Health” with Zayna Khayat
Read “Big Data can be a Profoundly Humanizing Force in Industry”

The Protein Industries Supercluster

Location: The Prairies
Focus Area: Making Canada a leading source of plant proteins
Technology: Biotech, Agriculture
Dive Deeper:
Watch “Programming Life” from Raymond McCauley
Read “Machines Teaching Eachother Could be the Biggest Exponential Trend in AI”

The Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster

Location:  Ontario
Focus Area:  Increasing resilience and adaptability in the manufacturing industry
Technology:  Robotics, Big Data
Dive Deeper:
Watch “The BIG Shift” with John Hagel
Read “The 10 Grand Challenges Facing Robotics in the Next Decade”

The clusters are all uniquely ambitious and positioned to succeed in creating important advancements in key emerging technologies and in long-standing industries. It is an exciting time for Canada as innovators, supporters, and talented thinkers from coast-to-coast join forces to drive development and advances in the areas that matter most.

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