Illustrating the future of blockchain for Africa

The beautiful Wahengaland, as designed by Chief Nyamweya Set in an alternative African future, Trust is the story of Moraa, a young activist who travels back to her ancestral homeland, Wahengaland, to visit her ailing grandmother. Upon her arrival, Moraa is entrusted with the powerful Wahenga necklace to save their ancestral homeland from the clutches [...]

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Business on Purpose with Social Impact Faculty Allyson Hewitt

FACULTY Q + A Allyson Hewitt SingularityU Canada’s Social Impact Faculty, is the Senior Fellow, Social Innovation at the MaRS Discovery District - North America's largest urban innovation hub. A global leader in social innovation and impact, Allyson works with social ventures, corporate innovators, and ecosystem partners to drive economic, social, and environmental sustainability.  Beyond her [...]

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