Continuous Learning is a Necessity in Today’s Job Market

Why the World’s Smartest Workers are Focused on Lifelong Learning to Enhance their Skillsets Leading professionals are changing their approach to learning. Faced with an uncertain future of work shaped by rapidly developing technologies, social change, and unprecedented flows of global information and data, learning is no longer reserved to early years or formal classrooms. Lifelong [...]

Supercluster Announcement Demonstrates Canadian Leadership and Innovation

Cross-Canada Clusters Identified as Economic Drivers The federal government has announced the winners to its Innovation Supercluster Initiative. The winners are groups of high-performing public and private sector stakeholders and specialised teams from diverse industries who are collaborating to drive change and advance technology in key areas. Winning clusters get access to a piece of $950 [...]

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Canada on the World Stage: Drawing Leadership Inspiration from the 2018 Winter Olympics

Global impact. Grit. Inspiration. Leadership. Perseverance.  They all apply to Canadian organisations - and Canadian athletes. With the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics happening this month, it is an exciting time to reflect on Canada’s position on the world stage. Just like our businesses, our athletic teams consistently punch above their weight and emphasize the qualities that [...]

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What Kind of Exponential Leader Are You? Identify Your Leadership Style to Learn and Excel

Leadership styles vary. There is no single ‘right’ way to lead a team, motivate your employees, or share your vision to guide change and drive impact. Understanding your own style, strengths, and weaknesses, though, is essential to learn, grow, and leverage your best qualities. Exponential leadership happens at the nexus of great vision and great management. [...]

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