1. Meta-trends are Transforming our World

Create the future. This was the theme of the 2019 Singularity University Global Summit, held on August 19-21 in San Francisco. Singularity University’s (SU) global community of leaders and changemakers gathered for three full days of inspirational talks concerning the future of our world, and the technologies that will shape it. 

In his opening keynote, Peter Diamandis, SU Executive Director and Founder, spoke about a series of meta-trends, and the convergence of various technologies (such as robotics, 3D printing and synthetic biology). 

“It’s the convergence of these technologies that is really transforming our world,” he said. “It’s how two, three or four of these are coming together and creating new business models.”

“As entrepreneurs, I think that’s the most important thing that we should be looking at – what are the new business models?” 

Of the 20 meta-trends, Diamandis is tracking 10 of them: 

  1. Increasing global abundance (what people have access to is more abundant than ever before) 
  2. Accelerating demonetization and democratization
  3. Everyone, everywhere is connected at gigabit speeds
  4. Everything, everywhere is connected 
  5. You can know anything, anytime, anywhere 
  6. Autonomous personalized transport that is fast and cheap
  7. Increasing human intelligence
  8. Increasing human longevity “healthspan”
  9. Capital abundance: access to capital everywhere (more capital is available to invest in companies, crowdfunding is hitting all-time highs, and is expected to reach $300 B by 2025)
  10. Globally abundant cheap renewable energy 

“Technology is the force that takes what used to be scarce and makes it abundant.” – Peter Diamandis

Citing evidence of progress and hope, such as global death rates from natural catastrophes decreasing, global literacy increasing and the decreasing cost of food, Diamandis demonstrated that the “world is quietly becoming more abundant.” 

“One of the reasons why the world is getting better is that you as entrepreneurs are trying more and more startups, more and more crazy ideas,” he said. “The day before something is truly a breakthrough, it’s a crazy idea.” 

We are also witnessing a global expansion in connectivity – within four to six years, we will move from half of the world being connected (3.8 billion people), to the entire globe being connected. “What happens when 4.2 billion new minds enter the global conversation?” he questioned. “If you thought the world was going fast, wait until 4 billion new inventors come online.” 

The SU Canada team was on the ground for the event and has created a series of blogs highlighting some of the most poignant and thought-provoking sessions. 

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