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Julie Legault
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Bedroom Biotech


SingularityU Canada Meet the Faculty Webinar Series: Meet Julie Legault


Friday December 13, 2019
1:00 PM EST


Julie Legault - Biotechnology Faculty

Julie Legault
SingularityU Canada Biotech Faculty

Biotechnology is entering an exciting new phase in its rapid evolution: democratization. Democratization means that biotechnology is moving out of traditional labs, and into our homes and communities. From teenagers engineering yeast in their bedrooms, to gene editing in the womb, to animal-free meat and prospecting for million-dollar microbes on the open sea, this new phase of biotechnology is full of opportunities. In this short talk, Julie will introduce the new players, the latest breakthrough tools for innovation, and explore some of the social, economic and ethical questions that grow from this changing landscape.

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About Julie

As a Human-Centered Designer, Julie works to translate scientific and technological innovations for public acceptance, crafting experiences and products that invite culture shifts. Originally from Montreal, she holds a Master of Art from the Royal College of Art (London, UK), degrees in both Design and Computation Arts from Concordia University (Montreal, Canada), and a Master of Science from the MIT Media Lab (Cambridge, USA). She has taught at Birmingham’s Institute of Art and Design (UK) and worked with multi-nationals, museums, and pop stars including Rihanna and Imogen Heap to develop smart materials, wearable technologies, and interactive art.

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Julie Legault - Biotechnology Faculty
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Julie Legault - Biotechnology Faculty
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